FREE Delivery (Contact Number Scroll Down)
Delivery takes approx 7 days and if you spend over £300 it's FREE! We currently have to deliver all delicate and breakable items by van and frankly it costs a fortune. Hence you'll be able to find a glass vases for sale at £39 with delivery costs at £50. Yes £50 delivery on a glass vase is daft, but we can't currently charge delivery on individual items (this will happen in time though, we are working on it).

Expensive Delivery

If you're not ordering a breakable item but the delivery still seems excessive, call us. We're happy to reduce the delivery cost where we can. Spend £300 Get FREE delivery anyway!

Negotiate Delivery

The high delivery cost, sounds ridiculous until you think about it. Basically all ceramics, pottery, glassware, crockery, figurines, statues, etc will end up in pieces if sent by courier, hence, only our trusty drivers can ensure safe delivery, and the cost of that is the amount we charge you. Spend £300 Get FREE delivery anyway!

Save Money on Delivery

You can club together with friends to save money and hit our free delivery spend of £300.


If you have any questions please get in touch via the warehouse mobile which is 07921 994038. Many thanks, Charles Grace